Schladerer Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser Brandy

750ml Bottle

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    Alfred Schladerer Alte Schwarzwalder Hausbrennerei GmbH
    42% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Since 1844, the Schladerer distillery has produced fruit brandies and unique spirits of the highest quality under the Schladerer name. Driven by an unswerving commitment to craftsmanship, the highest standards are applied every step - from carefully selecting hand-picked fruit to the skilled work of our seasoned distillers to the unique finish given to each product.

    The Black Forest has always been richly blessed by nature, with breathtaking landscapes from its peaks to its valleys. The Black Forest's foothills, including the Markgraflerland and Staufen regions, enjoy an exceptionally mild climate; the seasons are well-defined but never too harsh. Cherries thrive in these ideal fruit-growing conditions, attaining a quality that is unmatched anywhere else.

    The native sweet cherries come from prime locations in the Black Forest and include the time-honored varieties Dollenseppler, Schwarze Schuttler, and Benjaminler. Schladerer Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser Brandy offers a highly aromatic cherry bouquet with almond-like nuances accentuated by light aromas of dark chocolate. The palate will savor the lingering rich cherry finish for a long time.