Kim Crawford Illuminate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020

750ml Bottle

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    Kim Crawford
    Constellation Brands, Inc.
    7% Alcohol
    Product Description

    The grapes were carefully picked one by one from different parts of our vineyard in various areas of Marlborough. Before undergoing fermentation, they were separated from their stems in the field and gently pressed. Each vineyard block was handled separately to preserve the unique qualities of the specific subregion and block, allowing it to make the most of their distinct characteristics. To reduce the alcohol content in a portion of the initial wine, Then employed a technique called 'Spinning Cone.' This method utilizes low vacuum distillation to specifically target the removal of alcohol without negatively affecting the wine's aroma. Approximately 60% of the total volume had its alcohol content reduced to below 1%. Then, 40% of the original wine was blended back in to achieve a final alcohol level of 7%. Overall, this process enabled us to maintain the individuality of each vineyard parcel and create a wine that showcases the unique flavors and qualities of diverse subregions in Marlborough.

    Tasting Notes

    Aroma: Lifted aromatics of passion fruit and guava, with some citrus notes.

    Palate: Elegant yet full flavored, its crisp acidity is highlighted with a refreshing herbal and citrus finish.

    Food Pairings: Perfect for all occasions, particularly delicious with fresh seafood and vegetables.

    Color: Pale yellow.