Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whiskey

750ml Bottle

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    Suntory Holdings Limited
    43% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Given the name, it should come as no surprise that Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whiskey is a harmonious blend of Japanese craftsmanship. Considered the perfection of Japanese whiskey, Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a unique blend of several malts and grain whiskies that are meticulously added, resulting in an orchestra of aromas and flavors. Hibiki Japanese Whiskey is both delicate and luminous with wonderful complexity. The amber-colored liquid smells of rosemary, rose, lychee and sandalwood, paving the way for a honey-like sweetness with notes of white chocolate and candied orange peel. As for the finish, Hibiki Harmony Whiskey is subtle with a hint of Japanese oak, which lingers on the palate. It's best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with a bit of water added. Japanese whiskey pairs remarkably well with Japanese food, so don't be afraid to drink it with sashimi, sushi or a strong fermented fish. It also makes a wonderful cocktail, such as the Sokaiya, which consists of Hibiki Whiskey, bitter Sencha green tea and ginger liqueur. If you want to try the best, you must try the Hibiki. Enjoy!