Daily's Strawberry Daiquiri Frozen Cocktail

10oz Pouch

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    Harvest Hill Beverage Company
    5% Alcohol
    Verona, Pennsylvania
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
    Product Description

    When you think daiquiri, you think delicious, frozen strawberry cocktail. Made with real strawberries, Daily's Strawberry Daiquiri Frozen Cocktail is perfect for popular fruity cocktails like daiquiris and margaritas. It couldn't be easier, simply blend the ripe strawberry taste with your favorite spirit! Daily's always mixing the perfect Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri with no mess, no fuss giving you more time for fun. Daily's ready to drink pouches deliver no-hassle frozen margaritas that taste like they're just out of the blender. Pre-mixed, so they're ready to drink right out of the freezer. So grab a Daily's Strawberry Daiquiri Pouch from your freezer and enjoy a perfectly blended drink. This mix is naturally flavored, gluten-free, and great for breaking out at a variety of social gatherings. Enjoy!