Blue Chair Bay White Rum

750ml Bottle

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    Blue Chair Bay
    Fishbowl Spirits, LLC
    40% Alcohol
    Gluten Free
    Gluten Free
    Product Description

    Blue Chair Bay White Rum is a premium blended rum that was developed and inspired by owner and founder, country singer Kenny Chesney. From the shores of the Caribbean comes the Blue Chair Bay flagship, aged less than 100 feet from the high water line. There's something about the sunlight and the wind on the water that gets into the oak casks and every drop of Blue Chair Bay. Distilled from sugar cane molasses, this rum is a complex blend of two-column still light rums, an aged pot still rum and an aged column still rum. Blue Chair Bay White Rum is distilled steps from the beach and mellowed in white oak casks right on the Caribbean coast. It has water white and crystal clear color. The aroma has light, golden sugar and tropical fruits, followed by subtle spices and beach-aged hints of vanilla, rum cake and gentle oak. It gives a fresh, smooth and clean body. It is a classic light Caribbean rum with hints of golden sugar, tropical and dried fruits, mild spice, gentle vanilla and bread pudding. It gives rich, graham cracker crust finish. Mix up a Wet Money or show your colors with Sumthin' Blue. Lift your glass and check your troubles at the shore. It mellowed in white oak casks a hundred meters from the high water line for a delicious clear rum inspired by the spirit of the islands. From classic mojitos and daiquiris to exotic creations of new trend-setting bartenders, Blue Chair Bay White Rum performs highly in all cocktail categories. Enjoy!