Andre Spumante

750ml Bottle

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    E & J Gallo Winery
    10% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Andre Cellars Spumante California Sparkling Wine is a light-bodied and sugary, sparkling wine that satisfies your sweet tooth. Sweet peach and honey flavors make this bubbly a delightful treat for entertaining and celebrating. Try this Spumante California Champagne, and you'll be treated to warm fruity flavors with a crisp aftertaste. Now, this is why people call it bubbly. The first thing you'll notice about Andre Spumante is the massive amount of bubbles pouring out of the bottle. Next time you need a little fizz, or just a delicious alternative to brut, reach for this California take on an Italian classic. Besides, it's fun to say the name out loud. Try it, "Spumante." It is best served chilled and perfect for dessert, barbecues, or lazy summer nights with your best friends in tow. Experience Andre Spumante California Champagne on its own, or mix with a fruit juice for a sparkling cocktail or mimosa. With a light body and crisp finish, it is perfect alongside seafood, poultry, or meat. Bring Andre to the party and let the fun begin. Enjoy!